After hours-handloom

‘What are they carrying?’ was my obvious question to the taxi driver. He smiled and said, ‘This is Yeola city, the home of Paithani sarees.’ We had inadvertently landed in Yeola, the handloom-weaving centre for Shalu and Paithani silk sarees. Paithani gets its name after Paithan, a town in Maharashtra, where it is hand-woven by local womenfolk. Made from the finest silk, these sarees employ an art form dating back over 2,000 years, and are considered to be among India’s richest varieties of saree.

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Ah- hiddem gems of india

Chhow Dance – An ancient dance form originated in the mock fights of the Oriya warriors. The Chhow dance begins with ranga vadya--an ensemble of indigenous musical instruments which inspires the dancers, followed by the orchestra taking up the initial tune of the dance in slow steps. In the next stage, ‘nata’, the thematic contents of the performance and the drama, is built up. The concluding stage is ‘nataki’ when the vigorous movements of the dancers develop a high tempo ,seconds.

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