About the Company

In this fast paced world, where stress and strain take us away from our own selves, we search for comfort and joy and….Can there be an end to what we are looking for ? We may not be able to find the right words to express that longing for another world; another experience. Well Pundareek has all the answers. How our hearts yearn to seek the less known, the less tread, to find solace in the pristine environs that seem to beseech us with arms stretched.Pundareek offers the perfect blend of paradoxes, cheer and calm, sounds and silence, crowd and solitude, tradition and modern.

Experts from diverse fields such as Anthropology, History, Sanskrit, Management, Bankers have joined hands to give you a whole new meaning to tours, travel and sojourn. They take you both to the well known and the less heard,to the mainstream and to the areas on the periphery such as those inhabited by the tribes whose world draws you to its exclusiveness, locales that while humming the songs of the bygone days subtly blend with the call of the modern times. Pundareek aims to take you not to just places but to whole new experience.
Pundareek – Journey into the less Tread.

About the Management

Dr SR Tewari,

Retd Head of the Department,
Department of Public Administration, Lucknow University

Dr Tewari is a very well known figure in the field of Public Administration. He is MA in History, MA in Political Science, MPA in Public Administration from the state University of Phillipines. He is Phd. in Public Administration and his research involved study of “Comparative administration of financial management in Netherlands and India”
For which he stayed in Holland for some years. He later joined the Department of Public Administration Lucknow University and retired as Head of Department –Public Administration.

Ilika Ranjan

Ilika is a management graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Trade. She has worked for 6 and half years in Organizations like GE Countrywide and Citibank. She has worked with Citibank for 5 years and in her last assignment with Citibank she held the designation of Assistant Vice President.


Commitment to the environment
Pundareek has been established keeping in mind the rich Cultural heritage, Architecture, History and magnificence and beauty of various places in India. Each location has its uniqueness and a story to recite.

Pundareek owes its gratitude to the “Beautiful, green, compassionate India”.

We have taken an oath to ensure our environment remains beautiful and green.

As a token of our appreciation and responsibility to the environment, we shall plant a tree On each and every occasion of a customer exploring the world with our assistance

It is a personal commitment taken by Pundareek family.

Pundareek‘s Promise to you.

Pundareek has been built on 4 Pillars or 4 Es

  • The Experience of Travel and stay.
  • The Experience of local language and local assistance.
  • The Experience of exceptional service.
  • The Experience of Knowledge about History, Sanskiriti, language, folk culture, Mythology and Architecture of the place.


We are representatives of the Indian Philosophy of “Attithi Devo Bhav” “Visitors are God” and would ensure good, correct and responsible behavior from all the members of Pundareek family .

Pundareek promises to ensure the highest code of conduct in terms of charging our customers and ensuring they have a pleasant experience.

In case any part of your tour and sojourn has been uncomfortable, do let us know. We promise to ensure we take corrective actions immediately. Please feel free to write directly to ilika.ranjan@gmail.com.

Our endeavour is to be trusted partners and preferred choice for you and your families desire to explore this world of “Endless Possibilities”


Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you.

Warm regards,

Pundareek Family.


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